Apr. 8th, 2016

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"The Visions are an atomic bomb being flown over the Marvel U. At the end of issue 1 they’re dropped from the plane. As we go forward, we get to see them fall. And we get to see the heroes of Marvel look up and in wonder…and horror." -- Tom King

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As stated before, Image is publishing a new 'previews' type magazine and to attract newcomers they are going to be publishing a 48 page Negan backstory told in four-page installments. I'm going to guess once it's over they're going to publish it as a regular issue which is what they've done with similar stories (such as the Governor and Michonne backstories).

The first page from the series has been released and it shows Negan with his true love.

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Wayward #9

Apr. 8th, 2016 09:11 pm
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Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Steve Cummings
Colorist: John Rauch

10 pages out of 31

Warning for language.

And, ladies and gentlemen, the worst issue of the series. Prepare for likability to be flushed down the toilet!

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"I think the finished comic reads like a natural leap from what we were doing in DAREDEVIL, and yet feels completely different." -- Mark Waid

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'As the number of trade paperback collections (up to three now) increase, I am hoping their presence in real bookstores and on Amazon will prompt a sudden surge of 'discovery' by TOS fans. Based on the almost universally positive reviews by those who have seen and read the book, I can only assume they would enjoy it! Once again, note that I want this book to sell because it's STAR TREK, not because of any financial considerations. I receive no royalties, just my page rate -- a page rate I am reducing for the second time to help IDW keep the book alive." - John Byrne

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So all the talk as of late about The Killing Joke reminded me of something. Specifically, I've seen the whole "one bad day" talk elsewhere, perhaps as a sort of homage or tribute? But not in anything as dark or grim as the source material...

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How he conducted himself there repeatedly sent him to the Brutal Beast Chamber.

There, he fought with the animals that gave it its name, honing his fighting skills against and from theirs.

In time, he became ready to take his next step and challenge the army's general Bao Chong Zi.

He attained an audience with the Emperor he'd once served to request that duel; he got it.

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