Aug. 6th, 2016

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Hi folks!

Not every new DC comic of the last few years was all doom and gloom; there was the Bat-Mite mini-series for example.

The basic notion was that Bat-Mite had been exiled to the Earth dimension for being too goofy and embarrassing, which had the side effect of limiting his powers somewhat. He decided to spread his "help" beyond the Batman family, to other heroes desperately in need of makeovers as he saw it. This usually caused more problems than it solved.

Four pages from issue #5.

We initially see him stopping for coffee on the way to a super-battle )
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'Nothing will be the same after this. That sounds like me in Marvel crossover mode. But really, nothing will be the same. It's kind of like, "Who can possibly survive this one?"' -- Kieron Gillen

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List of people to blame for this...
Writer for #37: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmoitti
Writer for #23: Paul Dini
Story Consultant for #23: Keith Giffen
Artist for #24-24: Tom Derenick
Inker for #24-23: Wayne Faucher
Colorist for #24: Tom Chu
Colorist for #23: Pete Pantazis
Artist for #35: Manuel Garcia
Editors: Mike Carlin & Elisabeth V. Gehrlein

I've been wanting to get back to the empty abyss that is Countdown to Final Crisis, but it is such a slog... a dark, unpleasant, and mean-spirited slog that it is hard to get through and muster the energy to do it.

So, let's just skip ahead to the absolute bottom of the barrel. Quite possibly the worst issues of this entire run: #24 & #23, the introduction of Superboy-Prime, aka Superman-Prime at the time.

WARNING: Violence, gore, and vomiting are seen in these comics.

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