Aug. 10th, 2016

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A long running Fringe play: Super Hero Live, has a chance to win a $50,000 in funding from among 15 Albertan project through Telus's Storyhive program, and become Plight a Comic Book Rock Opera.

My Local Comic Store is a big sponsor of the project and I think it seems fun (all the colours reminds me of the Dick Tracy movie, in a good way). People can vote (even if you're not Canadian or Albertan) once a day for it from now until Friday... Doing so and liking the video on youtube will help boost it's chances of getting the funding.

If you enjoy it, please signal boost it.
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"I would be writing about Chinese life as an outsider, but some American readers would assume that I was an insider simply because of my last name. It seemed like a situation fraught with peril. But then, I’ve been going around giving these speeches encouraging people to read and write outside of their comfort zones. How could I turn down this opportunity to go outside of mine? (This was yet another instance in which comics-making Gene wanted to punch speech-making Gene in the mouth.)" - Gene Luen Yang

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Well, what’s interesting about the story that Brian Bendis has crafted for Civil War II is the superhero community’s reaction to Bruce’s death really runs the gamut -- and it should. Hawkeye kills Bruce under very questionable -- and debatable -- circumstances: Did Bruce pose a clear and present danger? Was Bruce going to “Hulk out”? Was Ulysses’ vision of the future about to come to pass? Reasonable minds can -- and do -- disagree about all of these questions.

The primary reason -- in my mind -- as to why there is so much debate within the superhero community is that many -- if not all -- of these questions come down to what Hawkeye thought was going to happen.
- Marc Guggenheim

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"The Flintstones is not so much political as social commentary. It’s more about what it means to be human, or to be part of a society or civilization, rather than the granularity of political struggle. So, there’s not much of that. I’m just trying to make something that’s resonant for people, no matter what political or social structure they’re in."

- Mark Russell

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