Dec. 1st, 2016

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"You use that 75-year history to make it awesome. That’s not a weakness of this character, the fact that everything’s been done before. That’s a strength. You can build upon all of that. I can have a scene with Kite Man—a one-page scene in issue #6—and it’s so much fun and wonderful because Kite Man’s a character from thirty years ago that fans remember fondly. You take that history and you make it work for you." -- Tom King

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The aim of these monthly posts is to give community members a chance to request postings; A story they might recall but not know the name of, or a specific arc, or even examples from a particular creator or genre.

We can't, of course, guarantee that any request will be filled, but given the combined geekitude of the community (and we mean that in the nicest possible sense) you might be surprised what can be unearthed.

what have you got to lose?


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Founded by girl geeks and members of the slash fandom, [community profile] scans_daily strives to provide an atmosphere which is LGBTQ-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, woman-friendly and otherwise discrimination and harassment free.

Bottom line: If slash, feminism or anti-oppressive practice makes you react negatively, [community profile] scans_daily is probably not for you.

Please read the community ethos and rules before posting or commenting.

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