That kind of luxe just ain't for us.

Because iFanboy were raving about Royals: Masters of War I decided to give it a look. It's not quite World War 2.1, but it's still decent.

The year is 1940. As the Blitz destroys London and kills thousands, the Royal Family looks on. But in this world, the only people with special abilities are Royalty, and the purer the bloodline, the greater their abilities. So why don't they stop the carnage with their powers? A truce between the Earth's nobles has kept them out of our wars--until now. When England's Prince Henry can take no more and intervenes, will it stop the planet's suffering or take it to another level?

Imperius Rexposition )
It's just a short six issue mini from Vertigo that's a relatively quick read. Decent fun, but nothing spectacular.

Doctor Octopus: Year One


Doctor Octopus: Year One was a miniseries that came out in 2004 to coincide with Spider-Man 2. In other hands this could have been a cynical cash-grab but I think its obvious that Zeb Wells went for something deeper.

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