Sep. 13th, 2017

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"It’s been an honor, a privilege, and just plain FUN working on the last two KFC comics. I'm super-excited the story is a trilogy now..." - Tony Bedard

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Usagi Yojimbo and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles began at around the same time, in the mid-1980's. And they have crossed over lots of times since then, including a very recent one, from July 2017. Laird and Eastman have always had a good collaboration with Stan Sakai, which made Usagi cameos in TMNT comics, cartoons and toy lines easy from the start.

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Up next: other media (I'll find a way to post the mandatory scans, though).

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'There are beats in “The Button” that will be referenced, and there are things coming in this story that I think also look back at some of the stuff [there]. They’re about different things in the DCU, but are parts of the same universe. They make sense happening together. We worked hard to both give each other enough room, and also to make sure we didn’t feel isolated from one another, and the stories were all part of a big plan. I hope fans see that with DC right now, one of the joys being a creator here is that there is an uber-plan for us right now, between what we did with Rebirth, what we’re doing with Metal, the stuff coming after that I can’t talk about — you’ll hear very soon about stuff coming soon after. There really is a big plan for over the next two years. You can say, “I see it from here, now I can play within these structures.” Geoff has been great about that. He had me out for a weekend, and he was just like, “Let’s put everything up on a whiteboard, and we’ll talk story.”' - Scott Snyder

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One of the series that I'm most eager to read each month when it comes out is Mariko Tamaki's Hulk. The first arc, Deconstructed, was a slow burner, but it was bloody brilliant. The art by Nico Leon allowed some good body and face acting, and it was a book that looked at how people respond to setbacks. I loved it, for reasons that I'm finding hard to articulate just now.

The arc that's just finished, Let Them Eat Cake has struggled a bit. Part of that is because of the artists. Not that they're bad (though they certainly aren't Leon's equal), but there's so many of them
7 - Georges Duarte
8 - Georges Duarte
9 - Julian Lopez (Quite a deep shadowed, Deodato Jr style)
10 - Francesco Gaston/ Julian Lopez (and they are very, very different styles. It's a jarring change that happens halfway through the book)
And coming up
11 - Sebastian Carillo
159 (I know) - Jahnoy Lindsay (As seen in Uncanny Avengers)

IT's tough to establish an identity for a book when half of the creative team is in so much flux. It's a shame, as the title launched with such a strong look under Nico Leon )

The end of #10 does at least promise something interesting for future issues, rather than just the mystery of who will be the artist.
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