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The Exiles were a fun group in Marvel, being essentially a group of alternate X-Men traveling world to world doing their best to fix them but you'll see what I mean below...

From Exiles volume 1 issues 1 and 2.

12 pages from issues 1 (out of 38 pages
7 pages +cover from issue 2 (regular sized issue)

title: Exiles, creator: Mike Mckone, creator: Judd Winnick

char: blink/clarice ferguson, char: mimic/calvin rankin

Exiles interestingly enough was actually spun out of Age of Apocalypse since the fans loved Blink and she then had a 4 issue mini which led into her appearance in Exiles.

Nocturne like Blink and a few others was one of the more long lasting characters in the Exiles.

The team begins to realize things are up though as Blink and Mimic knew one another in the Age of Apocalypse, this however is not HER Morph.

And now Mimic who was dead in 616 for quite a while until recently being brough back but like the other Exiles he's an alternate version of Mimic.

And Magnus the redshirt, who doesn't even have a fun introduction moment but just kinda appears out of nowhere.

This fella is known as the Timebroker and is the one who assembled the group... warning them that they've been brough together for a dangerous task.

After getting a quick rundown of their history which as follows is

Thunderbird: Was a former Horsemen of Apocalypse (thus his giant form and enhanced super strength)
Nocturne: Part of her world's X-Men and daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch.
Mimic: Former member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants who later joined the X-Men after being offered a seat by Professor X who got him out of jail. (Essentially the same as the 616 Mimic)
Magnus: Son of Magneto and Rogue. Lives distanced from others as while his powers are like Magneto's but stronger, he also inherited a death touch from mom that turns others into steel on contact.
Mimic: Former X-Man and Avenger even who was on the more well adjusted X-Men since as a child as a shapeshifter he could hide his powers very easily.
And Blink whose story is just a Age of Apocalypse run down including that her universes Sabertooth essentially adopted her. 

The team i t seems has bee Unstuck in time.

The team of course doesn't take this news very well. And then get told what they have to do, go into a universe and fix it.

Thunderbird then asks the Time Broker why he doesn't help?

And yes, a cute reference to What if...? since Exiles is kinda similarly related to alternate universes. And Morph takes the shape of a redshirt from Star Trek. Oh yes, someone will die.

The group finds that on this world Mutants and Super powered heroes are all but extinct with most beings in prisons and the like. Th e group is instructed by the Tallus (a watch like device given by the Time Broker) to find their greatest leader, with everyone deciding that has to be Professor X.

Cue the rescue of Charles.

Cue issue 2!

The next issue opens up with Professor X letting loose a massive psychic blast causing a quarter of a million people to die with the Exiles hearing it over the news, none too pleased over this turn.

Slowly the team recovers from this news and looks up more info on how the mutans on this world were captured...

I've always been interested in learning about the world Magnus came from, particularly since he was one of the people who though Professor X would be the leader they needed.

The group then decides to split up with Mimic, Morph and Thunderbird going to try stopping Professor X (who's also teamed up with a variant group of the X-Men including Juggernaut, Human Torch, Chamber, Spider-woman (Jessica Drew) and Domino while Magnus, Blink and Nocturne decided to go free the superhuman population to get their help, including free Magneto who's one of the trapped members.

Realizing there'd be no time to save the prisoners otherwise Magnus takes things into his own hands.

Cue a massive nuclear explosion that's actually contained enough so that the prisoners would survive, something Magnus couldn't do otherwise without being at ground zero of the explosion 9as the power dampeners were preventing him from using his powers to full. Also Mimic killing this alternate Professor X by snikting bone claws he got from his world's Wolverine.

And so Magnus died saving the day for this one universe and since dead means dead in Exiles he was never brought back aside from some mentions and one alternate doppelganger of himself in another issue.

Looking back it also amuses me that he was indeed a red shirt character. Kinda popped in when the others were introduced but not really focused on at all until his death scene. Still I am a fan of the guy since when I first read it I though he was totally awesome power wise.          

Hope you enjoyed.                   

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