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Roadside trouble? Call Asgardian AAA!

Greetings True Believers!

Here are some scans from Thor #6. The interaction between the Asgardians and the Broxtonites are priceless.

It's so nice to see normal people in the Marvel universe not being stupid or acting like dicks.

Here two of my favorite scenes. Volstagg at a town council meeting and Hogun assisting a motorist in trouble.


Suggested Tags: char: hogun, char: volstagg, title: thor, publisher: marvel comics, creator: j michael straczynski, creator: olivier coipel

Volstagg has gotten his cake. Let the meeting begin!

Oh, big V. You explain things so well.

Later, residents of Broxton are swapping tales of encountering the Asgardians. One man tells how he and his son were helped by Hogun when they had car trouble.

Love it, the dialogue, the art and "...with a tan." So awesome!
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Not that I have a problem with Ray Stevenson, but I really can't understand why the role of Vollstag in the Thor movie didn't go straight to Brian Blessed.
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Maybe BRIAN BLESSED (yes, I have to type it in all caps) was busy?
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I remember times when he was on Paul O'Grady show every two weeks, talking about dogs and doggies and have I mentioned that he loves his dogs?
Maybe if they offered him a puppy...
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I WOULD HAVE LOVED to see him in that role. Especially if you've ever seen him in the first season of Blackadder, but he's getting on in age (He's in his 70's) and he seems to be doing more voice acting now..(Well, he did do some funny online skits where he's Henry VIII ad he has to deal with modern technology) but if they do find a time machine, I say get the Brian from 1983 and use him for Vollstag.
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