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"Hmmm...that Anthony Stark is handsome as well as wealthy!"

Hey guys, it's the "Year of Women" at Marvel. So here's a post about a Marvel woman!! It's the fabulous supervillain career of quote-unquote Madame Natasha, otherwise known as the Black Widow.

Black Widow first appeared as a non-costumed antagonist in Tales of Suspense 52. See also: Iron Man's greatest foe, communism. Earlier, the Crimson Dynamo, Ivan Vanko, defected to the US. Now, the Russians strike back!! "Comrade Leader" has summoned two agents for the job.

That's right, just waltz right in. It's not like Tony Stark could be busy, or anything.

Natasha has discovered Iron Man's secret weakness: dinner dates. While he's distracted, Boris kidnaps Vanko and steals the Crimson Dynamo armor.

A fight ensues, but Boris isn't that much of a thinker. So, Natasha strategizes for him, probably curing the fact that the KGB has armed her with nothing but lipstick while the stupid Boris gets cool stolen armor.

Natasha's ruse works, but only temporarily, as Vanko sacrifices himself to defeat Boris.

True to the text, Black Widow does reappear the next issue, cementing her as an eternal foe of Iron Man. Anyway, to set up, Tony Stark has just invented a fabulous anti-gravity ray, and Natasha is hiding from her Soviet handlers, knowing they do not take kindly to failures.

Pepper, of course, discovers that Tony is knocked out and the Black Widow and anti-grav ray are missing. Stark becomes the subject of much ridicule as he has to announce to the press that he's lost his anti-gravity device almost as soon as he built it.

Remember, women love pretty things!! Especially evil, communist women. Natasha runs around, making stragetical strikes at Stark Industries. No one can catch up to her!

We meet Natasha's true arch-nemesis: idiot goons. They can't handle the ray effectively, leading Iron Man to discover their position. Natasha outwits one of his ruses, but then—

THE GOONS STRIKE. Amazingly, though, she beats Iron Man nonetheless, burying him in a huge pile of rocks. No one can survive being buried in a huge pile of rocks! She's also come up with a plan to get the gold from Fort Knox!

But, alas, it turns out Iron Man isn't dead, and this time he's come up with a plan to defeat Black Widow– turn off the damn anti-grav ray. Also, the goons charge headfirst into battle, running underneath the giant floating mountain, the place to be.

You heard it here first. Commies: they just don't dig us.

3 pages of 26 from Tales of Suspense 52, 4 from Tales of Suspense 53. Each Iron Man story is 13 pages.

char: natasha romanov/black widow, char: iron man/tony stark, char: pepper potts
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[personal profile] seriousfic 2010-06-26 06:24 am (UTC)(link)
So before booze, Tony Stark's greatest weakness was heterosexuality?
tsunamiwombat: (Default)

[personal profile] tsunamiwombat 2010-06-26 06:40 am (UTC)(link)
It still is if you consider he's screwing every woman around him and getting them pissed off at him.

Actually, thats ALWAYS been his weakness. See She Hulk.
schala_kid: Stephanie Brown as Batgirl (Default)

[personal profile] schala_kid 2010-06-26 06:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes, that is, until he met Steve Rogers.
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[personal profile] valtyr 2010-06-26 06:42 pm (UTC)(link)
His greatest weakness appears to be 'attractive people'.

*considers Madam Masque*

Okay, his greatest weakness is... genitalia.

*considers the Sentient Armour*

I give up.
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[personal profile] seriousfic 2010-06-26 07:20 pm (UTC)(link)
I can't believe until it took until the second comment for someone to make a Steve/Tony reference. And the third to bring up Tony's Abusive Armor Boyfriend. S_D, I am disappoint.