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"One thing I have never understood about this kind of hatred...does a new medium version of a work of fiction really destroy your love for the original?"

Sometimes, one adaptation is all that a work will get, so if one would want to see a good adaptation of it, a bad/unfaithful adaptation does nothing to help.

Also, a lot of film adaptations are sold as the definitive movie version, it's not nearly impossible for a very distinct adaptation to displace the original in pop-culture.

It also really depends on the work. Batman is already a multimedia megalith. It's much sturdier than something like Avatar (which is at an additional disadvantage in a culture that doesn't quite see animation as valid as live action.) Batman's many, varied versions are all already quite visible.

Not that Batman never was "damaged" by an adaptation. The Adam West TV series wasn't without effect on the comics, the public's perception of the comics AND future adaptations, at the time.

I've read that it had made Batman as a franchise hard to handle for a while.

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