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Because I'm eviiiiiiil. Fan Art Thursdays.

Iroh rules.

Been listening to the TV show's soundtrack all morning. The orchestral pieces and the character themes are magnificent, and fun pieces like this just so subtle because they feel like they are "made on the spot" by this carefree nomads. Such a rich world to play in.

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character: Prince Zuko
character: Uncle Iroh/Dragon of the West

creator: Johane Matte

Date: 2010-07-02 12:03 pm (UTC)
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Well, I didn't wish a scene to end sooner at that time, I didn't feel getting stuck or pushed while watching, when I was feeling excited in a battle scene I didn't get interrupted or surprised in a bad way when scene switched. I was feeling my emotion flowing fluently with the story, so I put it to my pace-fine catagory.
Yes, I talk it mostly from my own experience and maybe not very objective. So, was I missing something I should have considered or should I just change to a more proper expression? Or we just look at the same thing from an different way?
For the effect part, I actually have some complain about its background. It seems that they spent very little time building the background a bit more alien. I can recognized a lot of familiar plants. Some part of Pandora was like a cut-move-paste version of earth. It's unsatisfying for me.
Er, It seems that we're a bit digress...


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