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Let's Buy Some Stuff from Comic Ads!

What the fuck is in that cup? Tape worm?

Also, loving that super scope. "Sup kids! Check out women from across the road without them knowing! Legal? Well ~wink wink~.

Wait, "moneymaker"? What could that possibly be? Can anyone read that?

I bet that's a phone sex line now.

Hi, I'm calling for Janet! Okay!......wow....uh...h..how many items do I have to sell for that?"

Oh Fifties, you so wacky.

I wonder how many jackasses bought these and thought they could kick asses afterwards.

C'mon guys, I bet we could totally get that Coleco computer if we all worked hard. Shit, everyone needs stationary. We can play some Zork on that motherfucker.

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[personal profile] bradhanon 2010-07-14 11:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Because you're not making a dollar. You're pre-feeding the machine with a real dollar, and creating the illusion that you've printed it onto a piece of paper. I may have owned one myself, during my cheap-magic-trick period.
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It's a stupid magic trick. It's no different than the trick with the coins and the drawer.