Date: 2010-07-19 02:17 pm (UTC)
valtyr: (no thanks)
From: [personal profile] valtyr
For fuck's sake. When I point out that your constant excuses are a problem, you make more excuses. I give you clear cut examples of places where you have been minimizing sexism, and you bleat about how I've misinterpreted you! Gosh, you never said Twilight was a special case, you just said it fit into a certain niche that meant it couldn't be used an an example! What the fuck do you think a special case is exactly.

I DIDN'T say anything LIKE 'I don't know, but I'm sure it can't be sexism'.

YES YOU DID. Right here, you're arguing there must be some other reason, but you don't know what it is.

simply saying 'SEXISM IS BAD AND A PROBLEM!' doesn't really give one much to talk about, does it?

Actually, people who are informed about sexism can have lengthy discussions on the topic. There are blogs, forums, books, all devoted to discussing 'Why Sexism Is Bad And A Problem'. The fact you can't have lengthy discussions on a topic does not mean there are not valuable and fascinating discussions to be had on it.

You know, you might even see people having valuable and fascinating discussions on sexism here if people didn't have to spend all their time explaining basic concepts like "The movie industry is pretty damn sexist".

If you cannot usefully participate in such a discusson, you might consider the options 'reading and learning' or 'joining a different discussion that you can make contributions to' instead of 'leap in and be so woefully uninformed people feel the need to correct me in case other people see my ridiculous statements and think they have some connection to reality.'

mentioning that there are other water sources besides the river (which I don't think is what I was SAYING, but...) does not deny that the problem itself is the flood.

No, but it distracts attention from dealing with the flood, it draws attention away from the fact the river is the main issue. It's derailing. Go look it up. It's on the resource page. Extensively. If you don't know or understand the basic ideas of anti-oppression work, and you aren't willing to learn them, and you won't listen to people who spell it out for you in excruciating detail, why did you click on a post that was clearly labelled as being about the objectification of women.

I think we've both said about all there is to say about our respective viewpoints, and I'm getting tired of arguing.

I suggest you address that remark to whoever is holding your feet to the fire and forcing you to respond; it isn't me.

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