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Four scans from Black Widow #4.


Natasha is on the run from various groups, while trying to track down the mysterious man attacking her.  She knows he hired Lady Bullseye, so she and Lady B meet and talk (they call each other "Natasha" and "Maki", which seems to suggest they've known each other for a while, which was an interesing touch).  They bicker a bit about whether they're going to have a fight in the middle of the train, and Natasha eventually reveals that she poisoned Lady B.

"Nice try, but I'm in that crossover coming up."

As funny as Prince of Power was this week, that last panel made me laugh the most.

Natasha heads off to finish the case. At issue's end, she's locked naked in a chair in a meat freezer full of slaughtered cows, but apparently this is all according to plan, or something.

The plot of this arc can be a bit overly vague in places, but I really like the characterization, and Acuna's art works a lot better than I thought it would.
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