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The prettiest thing that Steve McNiven drew

Since I posted the Predictably Unpredictable monologue, lots of people have been gushing over Wolf at the door. (you can buy a copy from Amazon Marketplace for £3.98 plus postage, or from the real Amazon for £8.37). I went and re-read some of it yesterday and yes, I cried. #4 is featured in Best of the Fantastic Four hardcover along with some other classics like the origin story, Johnny Storm's April Fool's, Reed asking Otto Octavius for help with Sue's pregnancy, the first issue of Waid and Wieringo's run on FF and quite a bit more. I think that Liddleville is in there too, but it's next door and I'm not prepared to check.

I only post to give you probably the prettiest thing that McNiven drew in Wolf at the Door - the beginning of The Ledge Scene.

How good would this be rasterbated?
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It's lovely art, but one has to wonder whether a completely freaky looking man made out of sillyputty is going to be a calming influence on a wannabe suicide.