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Boy howdy, are there going to be a LOT of guest stars on this show... check out the artwork lining the walls!

More Information from here
  • The series takes place within the 50 DC Multiverses, specifically Earth-16, at an early stage in DC Continuity
  • Sixteen of the regular Justice League members will appear, with Bruce Greenwood voicing Batman, Phil LaMarr voicing Aquaman, Alan Tudyk as Green Arrow, and Rob Lowe as Captain Marvel
  • The core Young Justice team will consist of Robin/Dick Grayson (Jesse McCartney), Kid Flash/Wally West (Jason Spizak), Aqualad (Kari Peyton), Superboy/Connor Kent (Nolan North), Miss Martian (Danica McKellar), and Artemis (Stephani Lemelin)
There's another piece of information about Aqualad which I won't mention here, but is on the linked page, so beware of spoilers if you go there.

Oh, and just because there was a link to it, the best butt in the DCU shows up in DC Universe Online... the view is almost... hypnotic

and for legality, about the only YJ cover I can post here I think

Date: 2010-07-24 09:43 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] big_daddy_d
Batman: The Animated Series
Teen Titans
The Batman
Batman The Brave and the Bold

First one already had Dick move over and become Nightwing while we got another Robin. Next two series listed had Dick as Nighting in a "look to the future" scenario. BTBATB we already see how Dick so desperately wants to become his own man and even succeeds as he goes from Robin to Nightwing. Sooooo...I think it won't be a waste, You can easily throw in Nightwing as a recurring character and sometimes even mentor the other Robin and then, in flashback sequences, provide a backstory showcasing his journey from co-protector of Gotham to protector of Bludhaven.

Regardless of how you spin it, I don't want to see Dick as Robin in a t.v. show yet again. Even if there was some plan to have him move over for another Robin to take his place.

Like I said, the show might rock and I might even watch it and enjoy it, but I won't like that certain factor..because for a 6th time in a series, we got Dick in the role of Robin. Well I'm going by 6 because I also included the Adam West and Burt Ward Batman and Robin...which rocked, but you get the big picture.

So all in all, it kinda gets tiring. I want more Tim, or hell would like to see Jason adapted (besides the Red Hood movie), or especially Damian. Hell I would like to see Cassandra and Steph in a t.v. series now. No more stuff that's just based on origins or early years. I want the more modern stuff adapted and I'm not talking just DVD movies..even though DC's animated movies have been awesome.

Date: 2010-07-25 01:25 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] big_daddy_d
Hey, I understand where's you're coming from. A lot of things you said, I already went over in my head so I do agree with you BUT plain and simple, I just grow tired of it. What happens when we get a new Batman, Teen Titans, or whatever series that showcases Robin as a star? And then the series after that, and the series after that, and the series after that, and so on. And each series Robin is Dick. Can you honestly tell me that you won't grow tired of it? Especially knowing that there are other characters who filled the role wonderfully?

Fact of the matter is, I honestly think some of these producers should just say "fuck it" and take the risk. Take the baggage if necessary and if it fails, fine, but if the risk pays off, I look forward to the reward. And besides not every single detail has to be covered when it comes to background info. Cover the bases and important stuff when it comes to it.

So I don't disagree with you, but I do think that a risk has to be taken and if such a thing bombs and doesn't go over well, then I'll eat my words, otherwise, I take a "won't know until you try" stance. And besides... Superboy.. Miss Martian...people easily associated with Tim..so..explain how much sense that makes. Seems like there's a Smallville effect going and by that, I'm referencing at the fact that characters ahead of their time showing up in the show (i.e. Cyborg and Mia). So yea.

I'm not saying the show won't be good, but I don't agree with certain factors in which yes, said factors make me hesitant to even watch now, but I'll still watch it. I personally say fuck it and take the risk of going with shows and stories more modern based. That's just me.

I will say this to add some positivity. I can see it working as a type of sequel to the Teen Titans cartoon and with Dick and Wally, there's a possibiliy of Roy Harper showing up. If you couldn't tell I happen to be very much a Roy Harper fan and I enjoy his animated appearances...and Rise of Aresnal and Cry for Justice I shall treat as a surpressed bad memory.


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