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Young Justice cartoon info from Comicon

Boy howdy, are there going to be a LOT of guest stars on this show... check out the artwork lining the walls!

More Information from here
  • The series takes place within the 50 DC Multiverses, specifically Earth-16, at an early stage in DC Continuity
  • Sixteen of the regular Justice League members will appear, with Bruce Greenwood voicing Batman, Phil LaMarr voicing Aquaman, Alan Tudyk as Green Arrow, and Rob Lowe as Captain Marvel
  • The core Young Justice team will consist of Robin/Dick Grayson (Jesse McCartney), Kid Flash/Wally West (Jason Spizak), Aqualad (Kari Peyton), Superboy/Connor Kent (Nolan North), Miss Martian (Danica McKellar), and Artemis (Stephani Lemelin)
There's another piece of information about Aqualad which I won't mention here, but is on the linked page, so beware of spoilers if you go there.

Oh, and just because there was a link to it, the best butt in the DCU shows up in DC Universe Online... the view is almost... hypnotic

and for legality, about the only YJ cover I can post here I think

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I think he did get some development..

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Especially from that episode where he took over from Dungeon Master. In fact I distinctly remember him in the climatic episode The Dragon's Graveyard, actually coming off as quite heroic, which was a quite a step up from how he was when the series started. But yeah, there wasn't a lot of character development allowed on 80es cartoons..Still one of favourite cartoons of all time.
In fact why couldn't they have made a film out of that Dungeons and Dragons? It could only have been better than what we got..