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I gave up on Bleach volumes ago. I get tired of the shonen habit of continually escalating power levels and length of battles.

I feel Bleach in particular lost its steam sometime during the Soul Society arc, and the repeating of the same basic plot ("must rescue the damsel in distress in alternate dimension from really powerful beings") is what made me abandon the title.

I'm saying this so that maybe you'll understand when I say that despite all this, this comic produced one of my favorite characters of all time.

His name is Hanataro Yamada.

I think, in order for you to understand his One Perfect Moment, I have to give you a couple of Not So Perfect Moments. First: his introductory scene (from volume 11).

That's right: Hanataro is a total wimp. In a series full of overpowered characters, Hanataro is one of the weakest. There is a definite possibility that he is the weakest Soul Reaper period.

Also of note is that Hanataro's Zanpaku-to (magic sword) is 1) the size of a spactula and 2) not with him.

Now compare and contrast with one of the introductory scenes of a certain Soul Reaper captain... (from volume 7)


Sorry, got distracted by the pretty art. Anyway, the man with the strange hair is Byakuya Kuchiki, and he's stronger and faster than you.

Do you see the level of competence I'm getting at here? This is necessary for you to truly understand the One Perfect Moment for Hanataro Yamada.

This is from Volume 14 chapter 116 (52 pages long, btw - I'm only posting 6)

So Ichigo, the main character had been running around with Ganju and Hanataro to rescue Rukia Kuchiki, and getting caught in a fight he sent them on ahead of them. But it turns out that Ganju recognizes Rukia... and not very pleased. They're interrupted by the arrival of the guy who captured Rukia in the first place - Byakuya.

Uh, the text in the bottom right looks more cut off than it is. "Byakuya Kuchiki... so he's..."

There's going up against impossible odds that smug Hans Solo-esque protagonists gleefully run into, and there's going up against something that terrifies the weakest character in the cast, who continues anyway because it's the right thing to do.

That is why Hanataro is one of my favorite characters in anything.

By the way, Ganju shoves Hanataro out of the way and takes the beating, in possibly his perfect moment that I felt very guilty about cutting.
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