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From Robin 148

Ah, the nostalgia. Shame what happened two issues after this.

Hey, look. You can see Mary Marvel in the designs on the wall... Not sure why she doesn't seem to be wearing underpants though. And M'Gann wearing the Justice Lords outfit. :) And Zatara seems to be in the Justice League (which has 16 members this time), so maybe Zatanna's going to be a teenager in this?

Anyway, I know that when Geoff John said on his spotlight panel that Cassandra Cain would be appearing outside of comics he probably meant the (already confirmed) DC Online game, but if Cass and Steph were to appear in this it'd be neat.

Even though the timeline is kind of wonky, what with Conner being Superboy, while Miss Martian is on the team with DICK GRAYSON as ROBIN.

Roy Cameoes as Red Arrow/Speedy though.

Date: 2010-07-27 03:54 pm (UTC)
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Someone tell me when archery became so useful that they have to have two regulars and a guest archer? It's true I don't know much about Artemis -- does she have super-strength or flight or something cool and goddess-like?


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