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Remembering Mike Wieringo

It's been three years to the day since we lost Mike Wieringo, as talented an artist, as genuine a creator, and by every single account I've ever come across, astoundingly GOOD a man as we are likely to be privileged to know, or at least know the work of.

Always ready to congratulate and encourage young up and coming artists, and modest about his own abilities and not in the "I'm being modest to make you keep complimenting me" way. A fan of comics too. Sadly one of the things that happened just before he died was the death of Bart Allen, who he helped co-create as Impulse, with Mark Waid. Bart is back, but Mike doesn't have that option, alas.

So in a change to my usual posting style, I ask you to remind us, if you can, your favourite piece of his art. If you had the chance to meet him, tell us about it if you like, for those of us who'll never get the chance.

Perhaps if you have a single image, post it in this thread, or if you want to showcase his work, make a post of your own.

His Deviantart page is still open for viewing, with an astounding variety of sketches and epices, united only by their brilliance, and his homepage is here too.

For myself, I have this adorable, limited run, lithograph he did way back when...

Trust me when I say he'd have been on my commission list, but not for a Robin in peril (though he did that too), imagine the fun I could have had with him on my Nightwing/Nightcrawler theme... sigh...

Then there's his work on Tellos which he co-created with Mike DeZago...

And for a published piece, I adore this one, which appeared as a frontpiece in volume 2 of "Lions and Tigers and Bears"

So share, remember and above all else, enjoy, you get the feeling Mike would want you to
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Today was the day that Mark Gruenwald also passed.