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The Punisher Meets Archie


Disclaimer: This was a double-sized issue with no ads--48 pages. Therefore, I'm posting 16.

This came out during the 90s when the Punisher was big. As a joke, Marvel and Archie Comics talked about doing a crossover between the Punisher and Archie, but eventually it was taken seriously enough to actually make it a reality.

The Punisher is pursuing his latest quarry, who manages to elude him.

Veronica has an idea, to bring Melvin to the dance to get back at Archie for messing up an earlier date.

Meanwhile, the Punisher has made it to Riverdale...

Some strange men in suits arrive, claiming to be federal agents (but are in fact hitmen after "Red"), and whisk away Archie and Jughead.

Archie and Jughead escape, and Punisher discovers that the hitmen have found out "Red" is at the high school dance. When "Red" sees the Punisher at the dance, he kidnaps Veronica. Meanwhile, the hitmen once again mistake Archie for "Red" and attack. 

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Stuff you may not notice

1. There are a lot of throw away references to Archie characters. You can see Sonic and the Shield, for example.

2. The references to Gotham are, of course, a reference to a Batman/Punisher crossover that was published shortly after this one.

3. All of the Punisher stuff is drawn by one artist. All of the Archie stuff is drawn by a different artist. Even if Archie stuff and Punisher stuff is in the same panel.

Also, it's 2010 and I want my flying car Wolverine/Jughead crossover.
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Hm, has there ever been a Punisher vs. Predator crossover?
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Don't forget "Montana" Bob. A reference to Archie's creator.

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I noticed the Shield balloon, of course, but is Sonic in these scans?