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Got my issue of Thor the Mighty Avenger #3 in the mail, in which Gi(Ant) Man and Wasp come to investigate the death of Doctor Stephens, Hank's old mentor who was killed last issue. What do you get when you combine retro costumes and art style with Marvel-Adventures-Style-Adorkable and gently snarky references to 616-angst? This.

So while Jane's attempting to get Thor acclimated to the current world (and having work trouble), Hank and Jan arrive in Broxton (in an ant-shaped transport. I love it.) and set off after the not-human sensory trail picked up at the scene of Stephens' murder.

Good plan! There's just one problem. After being visited in a dream by Loki, Thor's suffering hallucinations of Asgard. Which, of course, means he mistakes Giant Man for a Frost Giant and the required superhero fight is on. Wasp catches up with Jane, and finds out that Hyde was actually responsible for the killing.

Only now no one can get Thor to stop attacking the "frost giant", though there is one potential option...

The noise is enough to rattle Thor into breaking out of the magically-induced hallucination...knocking Giant-Man out in the process. In front of an oncoming train. Luckily, Jane manages to snap him out of post-hallucination hangover in time to stop it.

Dear Creative Team: I love y'all.

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