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Soooo it looks like we fumbled a little on Day 3, however, there is a *main* post here for Day 3 for those of you who don't have/want to post scans or just want to make a few comments about your favourite/least favourite *insert specific meme day here.*
So just to make it clearer for everyone, we'll add a "main" post to the Topic Headline so you know where to go, and/or you can look for my user name, [personal profile] shelleymaree or one of the mods. We'll try and post in the morning and/or after midnight Eastern Standard Time. But if you get in there before us, even more awesome! Glad to see some eager beavers.

Today is Character You would bring back from the dead day. Mine's under the cut. So S_D'ers, who's yours?

I'm a little pissy about this one in particular, but...
LIAN HARPER. It really bothers me that DC killed a child just to give a character more angst. Particularly a female child for a male protagonist to be able to grieve. That’s basically what’s been done here. It’s a cliche story that’s been done to — pardon the bad use of cliche saying — death.

I get changing up the status quo, I really do. From a storytelling perspective, it’s important. You don’t want these characters to get “stagnant.” But this entire Rise of Arsenal thing just started out from a bad place and only got worse.

That coupled with the piss-poor job of the break-up of Ollie and Dinah (after everything they’ve been through their marriage is just done because Ollie kills the person who kills his granddaughter? Give me a break. And I hate how it made Dinah look like a bitch.) And while I really do like Dinah and Ollie, I think this post by DCWomenKickingAss explains the problem with the series best.

The message I’m getting from DC is that kids in comics suck and marriages in comics suck. (And I know Ollie and Dinah have issues. Oh boy, do they have issues. But they’ve also always managed to work through those issues and seemed to come out stronger until now. And I don’t know one married person who won’t say they’ve been through major ups and downs with their spouse. But I kinda feel like the Dinah/Ollie ship has sailed for me and that makes me sad).

This really bothers me on a personal level because I put a lot of value on marriage. And I think that Dinah would, too. But anyways, digressing from the original topic…

What Lian Harper’s death ultimately says to me is children make things boring, so let’s get rid of them. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, either. Selina Kyle’s child, Helena? Gone. Dinah’s adopted daughter, Sin? Gone.

So rather than automatically kill them off or get rid of them because they’re children and they weigh people down, how about thinking outside of the freaking box for once, DC?

From Outsiders 44

Runner Ups

Kid Devil because I love his relationship with Rose.
Big Barda/Scott Free

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Date: 2010-08-19 12:00 pm (UTC)
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No scanner and no account for me. So I can only post here. :(
I hope they can bring back Garth(a.k.a. Tempest). Reason? Garth literally started my trauma of character death. I only read two pages of DC(also my first two pages of American comic) and I saw his heart got ripped out. I knew that's BN and I did expected dark thing, but heart ripping was way beyond my imagination. What worse was that I just started liking this character because those two pages worked.
Ah...I think I can never get over this...D:

Date: 2010-08-19 02:24 pm (UTC)
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And I think I need to add this one, too--Ageha from BASARA(manga)
here's his history from WIKI: A former slave and survivor of the Blue Nobles(sexual abused as a child), a nomadic people all but wiped out by the government. Ageha saved Sarasa from the Red King when she was younger, but he lost his left eye in the bargain. He has friends all across Japan and is capable of calling in tremendous favors from them.

Life sucks for Ageha, but he never get beaten down by fate. He is a warrior, a good warrior. He always stays true to himself. His heart is always free. He fights the good fight and die in a heroic way. I think I can borrow Hope's line here: To fight for things that matters--things that are real, to find comrades who he loves, to fight alongside him, and to die on his feet. Ageha got three for three, so no one need to cry for him. But somehow I hope him live on, to live in the free and bright new world he'd been fighting his whole life for, to continue his trip with the wind.


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