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30 Days of Scans: A Character I'd Bring Back From the Dead

I found this a tough category, not because there's a shortage of possibilities, but because I'd want to bring back a character that would serve good stories and could have future potential. Ted Kord, of course, springs to mind, but I'm reluctant there because we've seen some great stories and actual impact coming from his death, as well as an awesome legacy hero, rather than it being a throwaway death. Skin would be another thought, but then you have wonder what you'd be bringing him back to - the rest of Generation X are pretty much shuffled to one side, the next generation after them are either dead or ignored - bringing him back for writers to shuffle aside again seems to be a pointless exercise.

So I'm going for a character that I think could actually have potential in terms of future stories and who has relationships with existing characters, so his return could have an impact, if writers choose to pick it up.

And that character is Sean Cassidy AKA Banshee.

For a start, Sean's an elder statesmen of the X-men and has potential to fill an important role, mentoring younger mutants. He's filled that role before, but the attempts to shuffle the younger X-men (Iceman, Rogue, Kitty, Cannonball etc) into roles as teachers never really clicked for me. You've then got years of history to draw on - he's got relationships with most of the generations of X-men, be it the original team, the Wolverine generation, Emma Frost and Gen X and, obviously, Siryn and the X-Force and New Mutants crowd. There's so much there that could be drawn on and I've always thought his sidelining and then non-event death which was never mentioned outside of the miniseries in which it happened, was a real waste of a great character.

Various scans from Uncanny X-men #119, Generation x #25 and #32.

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