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Greetings True Believers!

I can barely express my love and admiration for Walter Simonson's run on Thor. In my opinion it's as close to perfection as a comics run can be. He brought us the Last Stand of Skurge, Beta Ray Bill, Frog-Thor, Tales of Balder the Brave and others. Wonderful.

The best part was he didn't treat Thor and his supporting cast as just heroes and villains, he treated them like Gods and mythical beings. He made them epic.

Here is one of my favorite WS tales. The tale of Eilif the Lost. Hail!

Odin is considering omens at one of Asgard's celebrations.

Back on Midgard, Thor is adjusting to his new secret identity as Sigurd Jarlson, beefcake construction worker. He begins to hear a voice speaking an ancient Viking tongue, calling him across the sea.

He flies to Antarctica and discovers a green valley with a Viking village! He follows an entrance into a system of tunnels. He's set upon by traps and determines he will solve this mystery.

Meanwhile, a sorceress awakens the dragon Fafnir (previously defeated by Thor) and he goes on a rampage through New York.

Back at the mysterious village.

Fafnir rages across New York and Thor talks to Eilif.

Thor summons Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, his faithful chariot-goats and a flying Valkyrie-steed named Cloud-Rider for Eilif. They ride! But they meet a mysterious man and Eilif needs a power-up.

They arrive in NY and the battle is joined. Thor and Eilif battle the dragon side-by-side. Suddenly Fafnir gains the upper hand and strikes both of them to the ground.

Eilif's aim is true.

Thor flies up and with a swing of his hammer, pounds the spear in.

Thor's grief and respect is awe-inspiring.

By the gods, that was so METAL/EPIC I need to sit down for a bit. Hail Eilif! the Dragonslayer! Hail Thor, son of Odin!


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