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I know a lot of people won't be happy with me on this, but...

Jason Todd

He is a douche. Simple. He is a bad person. He is a stereotypical 90's anti-hero stuck in modern day comics. He is a character who should have never, NEVER been brought back from the dead. His death actually meant something, and now it means almost nothing because he's back. I simply CANNOT sympathize with him on any level.
He's an asshole, and the reasoning is that he was brought up on the streets, but plenty of people (and characters) have grown up on the street and NOT become horrible people. It's like he's using it as an excuse.
He made me lose all respect for Donna Troy. He makes me eye-roll every single time he is in a comic.
I can't stand him and I really just wish somebody could punch reality and make him go away!

As a bonus:
Not a fan of Tim. I understand he's supposed to be an amazing detective (better than Batman? RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT), but now he's an even better fighter than DAMIEN!? Damien was trained, since birth, by the League of Assassins. How is Tim a better fighter than him?

From the Marvel Universe: The Sentry. Gary Sue character all around who was way too powerful. Glad he's dead and out of the MU. Hope he never comes back

Date: 2010-08-24 11:03 pm (UTC)
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Ah, this is just why I hate some writers let other characters who know sooooo little about Jason mention him as the BAD ONE, or the FAILED ONE. For god's sake his Robin time may not be successsful but that's waaayyy too far from failure and bad, and DARN IT HE DIDN'T DIE OF FAILURE. I just don't get that if they were trying to make me hate Jason or trying to make me hate the characters they used.
And simplifying Jason isn't getting the effect these writers want. You simplify bad, you simplify good at the same time. I only saw those scans Dick argueing with Babs about Jason's method, I didn't know the whle story, since I already knew Dick know unstopable rage and fear which can really drive you to kill, and as the big brother if Bruce failed Jason he somewhat have a similar responsibility, he has a different way on work from Bruce, I assumed he would try other ways rather than just going all HE'S WROOONG. It's like the writer want someone argue about that, so he just shove Babs and Dick to do the job, since they're always argueing about something.
Yeah, still, I only saw those two pages. But, that part weird me out not just the treatment of Jason, also the treatment they shove to those they label as his counter part.


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