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OK, so, over here we see what Vril Dox does in the latest issue of REBELS. But he went and hired Lobo last issue, so, what does the Main Man do in this one ('cuz he sure wasn't working on Dox's plan!).

What 'Bo does is be a distraction. He doesn't know he's a distraction, but that's what he's there for.

So, while Dox goes off to do what he's doing, Lobo throws down with Pulsar Stargrave, who Brainiac took control of last issue.

Oddly enough, fighting a small star doesn't initially go well for the bastich....

Ow, indeed.

But, like Dox says, Lobo's not the kind of fragger to let this sort of thing get him down...

That's right, even in a serious book, Lobo makes the rules of the universe his plaything.

God, the Devil, and even the non-sapient laws of physics are scared pissless of him.

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