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*Main Post* 30 Days of Scans_Daily: Day 20: Storyline/Book you could read over and over again?

Hey everyone, [personal profile] kingrockwell here, I'll be your guest host on the 30-Day Meme for the next two days. Today we'll be looking at the storyline/book you could read over and over again.

There are a lot of reasons Cry For Blood is near and dear to my heart. It introduced me to my favorite writer in Greg Rucka, it introduced me to my favorite character in Vic Sage, it got me interested in the Batfamily again. It's hard not to devolve into mindless gushing with this book.

Helena's story here is more crime fiction than cape drama, though the Bat-books at their best tend to be an intersection of the two. If you've ever been curios about her or just thought you didn't get the appeal, this is the book I'd point you to. They always say it's when the pressure's on that you find out who a person really is, and when backed into a corner, Hel's going to do what's necessary to survive. And she'll shoulder the guilt from it, too. But there's also the theme of the differences between suvival and living, a lesson Helena needed to hear at the time.

The streamlining of her history makes it a great entry point, and it provides an interesting glimpse at mafia culture. Rick Burchett's clean pencils tell the story exquisitely, and I dare you not to love Vic for his constant smirking. But that ending! Rucka definitely has a tendency to connect you with the story emotionally only to break your heart at the end.

This is easily my favorite book. I could revisit it over and over again and always enjoy myself. I recommend it to everyone.

So what's yours, [community profile] scans_daily?

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I think I'd like 'The Judas Contract' more if I'd read up to it, instead of getting it as a solo book. As it is, just about everyone knows the 'shocking twist'; it's like the Soylent Green of comics, and without getting a previous feel for Terra's character, it just wasn't that much of a biggie for me. Mind you, I like 'TJC' just fine; it's a great story, it just doesn't spell 'masterpiece' to me the way it does to some people.