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4 Pages from Green Lantern 57

I love the Larfleeze parts, but am still on the fence about so much of the Star Sapphire's "version" of love.

On one hand Carol's reasoning that it is the host that corrupts the entities (in this case the corruption of the Predator and it's "violent love") idea makes some sense, but Paralax seems to be evil by default.

Without the Predator the central battery no longer had power.

It was revealed that Queen Aga'po gave up her immortal beauty to charge the battery slightly since it would be enough love for a little bit. *Since when does beauty define love though? It has an effect on choosing a mate, sure, but beauty in and of itself is not love.*

Later it is revealed that none of the other Corp's batteries need an entity in them, instead they are fueled by the emotion itself when the users believe in them enough, It turns out the Star Sapphire's violet battery is the same. Instead of imprisoning the Predator they just believe in love to fuel their battery now.

Why not just do that from the start?

On a side note Queen Aga'po's seemed completely unnecessary.

Also the Predator looks like a cross between a Zerg and a Xenomorph with a mix of dinosaur thrown in. Who needs Parallax when the Predator is scarier?

Also the Predator revealed how lonely and sad Larfleeze really is deep inside. He shows him that his family is still alive, and that they might be the only others that he loves other than himself.

Something about the Star Sapphire's still bothers me. All of the other corps seem to embody their emotion in it's truest form, but the Violet light has so far been a corrupted version.

Also they just don't feel like they fit in quite as well with the other lights. Something just seems off, maybe someone else can clarify this if you think of it. If the Zamarans are just the female members of the Guardians of Oa's race then they should have been on the ball more. They should have harnessed the violet light when the Oan's did the green light, instead of relying on the incredibly unstable Star Sapphire crystals. (The crystals were later converted to the violet light I think. I could be wrong though so feel free to correct me if I am.)

It will be nice now that Carol is Queen, and we can see how her definition of true love will be different from the skewed version the Violet Lantern's had before, since she seems to believe in a more complete and healthy version of it.

Larfleeze (and Saint Walker) really are becoming some of my favorite characters in the lantern books. They have been consistently fun to read.


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