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30 Days of Scans: Day 22: Favorite Villain.

After he later escaped from S.T.A.R. The Parasite began to form a plan to get back at Superman. He began stalking Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen in an attempt to get to those closest to Superman. The Parasite had taken the form of one of his previous victims, an old man, and was run down in the pandemonium that evening when Lois came to his aide. Not realizing that she was actually in contact with the Parasite, a simple touch was all Rudy needed to get her knowledge of Superman. Rudy was surprised to learn from Lois Superman's secret identity. A new plan formed when he realized how close Superman actually was to Lois, the Parasite decided to take her place and tear him down emotionally by pretending to be a scorned Lois Lane, even having an affair with Luthor in the process.

Superman #154

Action Comics #763

superman #155

Adventures Of Superman #577

Superman #156

Superman #157

Superman #159

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All I want to know is...did Lex bang the Parasite?
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Excellent. Now I want their awkward confrontation, years after the fact.
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Would also help explain why Lex has built a robot Zoey Deschanel Lois Lane in the current Action Comics which he seems to be using as his "companion". Creepy dude, that Lex.
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Why is Doom not your favorite villain?!

The glory of Doom is quite clearly to magnificent for your pitiful mind to comprehend!

The fool Parasite is but an insignificant pebble in the wake of Latveria's grand march!

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:knocks you out by shooting you with a repulsor ray:


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I don't recall Parasite ever losing to someone with squirrel powers.
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He also never burned his entire face off trying to cover up one tiny scar.