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This is so sad, but I haven't given this one all that much thought.

We already have a team I really love... although I would love it *more* if say Selina was on this team and perhaps Jason and Cass hung out with Babs once in awhile.

As for other dream teams... Oh what could have been... Generation Lost was originally supposed to have Connor Hawke and Jason Todd on the team So to those two, I'd add Cass Cain, Jaime Reyes and maybe Grace Choi because she's been in limbo forever. Mia Dearden, Steph Brown, Roy Harper and Anissa Pierce can come and hang out at their clubhouse of awesome.

THE FUTURE ASSKICKERS TEAM: Damian Wayne, Lian Harper, Sin Queen Lance, and Jai and Iris West.

Date: 2010-09-14 03:49 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] perletwo
I would like to see the Outsiders rebooted, to deal with mystery and supernatural situations, and based in Gotham with Alfred at the helm.

On the team:

Jason Todd, for detectiving/asskicking
Ravager, detectiving/asskickicking
Traci 13, detectiving, magic and mysticism
Ghost Dibnys, detectiving/magic and mysticism
Conner Kent mmmmmmmaybe for the flying brick position

plus two revolving slots as needed for cases, with Harley Quinn, Raven, Question, Alan Scott and other allies on deck.

Date: 2010-09-14 05:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Great idea but it should be The Question and the Outsiders.
With The Question as the "Mentor" and the five-member team you outlined. I think Blue Beetle should be your "brick"

Date: 2010-09-14 08:23 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] yaseen101
I came up with something similar in regards to the Outsiders. It was partly inspired by Criminal Minds and White Collar along with Dixon's BOP.

It's set in my own alt. universe

Vic Sage-Detective
Detective Chimp-Detective
Lady Black Hawk-Team Asskicker/Close range combatant
Green Arrow-Team Ass kicker/Long Range Combatant/ Snarker
Black Canary- Team Ass kicker/Newbie
Mr. Terrific-Tech Suppourt
The Ray- Transport/Spy/Reconnaissance

Team Mentors; Alan Scott, Ted Grant and Eve Eden.

Your idea is pretty great. I forgot to add a Magician and a Flying Brick to the team, oops.

Date: 2010-09-14 10:58 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] kd_the_movie
I remember you mentioning that our ideas for a five man team would overlap and you were right.

I originally came up with this lineup around Countdown. I too wanted to reboot the Outsiders, but (even though they'd be mostly former Batfam) they'd operate completely independent (maybe even contrary to) of Bruce and the other Bats.

In fact for the most part, they weren't going to be even superheroes. I wanted the team to be very heist/mercenary influenced (Birds of Prey and Cowboy Bebop were my biggest influences here).

To supply them with a steady stream of adventure, they'd be doing Black ops missions for Sarge Steel (no Suicide Squad at the time would've been the explanation as to why he even needed them). But to keep them in White Hat territory, they'd only do jobs that weren't "that bad" (i.e no assassinations, coups, kidnappings, things of that nature).

The line up would've been:

Jason Todd still as the Red Hood as the leader, leading man, and hot head all rolled into one.

Ryan Choi maybe sans the Atom title (Ray was coming back when I came up with the idea and it was obvious he was going to be Atom again) but still wearing and using his Atom (albiet w/a new costume to differentiate him from Ray) suit as the team brains, straight man, foil and partner in crime to Jason.

Cass Cain (no super hero identity) as the team Ninja/kind of a little sister figure to Jason and Ryan. I felt she outgrew the Batgirl identity after her book ended, hence why she's not caping it up.

Jean Paul Valley as himself with lapses into his Azrael persona, would'v been the team muscle/berzerker-Since JPV was (and still is) dead at the time of me thinking this out, I would've had it that the 3 previously mentioned find him amnesiac with seemingly all traces of the Azrael persona gone. JPV himself would've been pretty much like he was at the end of his book, but for some reason would've been substantially weaker, and therefore would have to lapse into his Azrael personality for added strength/fighting prowess (i was setting up a relationship similar to Naruto and the 9 tails).

...And rounding out the cast would've been Mercy Graves as the getaway driver, marksman (along with Jason) big sister/foil to Cass and love interest for Jason-At the time (and still now i think) no one had used her in along time so why not.

Along with the core team, there'd be a few major and minor allies like:

Sarge Steel-mission supplier

Hiro Nakamura-who would've been to them what Q is to Bond

Peek-A-Boo-Reformed criminal, nor courier for the metahuman world, delivers weapons and other goods for the team

Wild Dog-They would've met him on one of their adventures..

Cal Durham-protecting the seas with his own group.

And of course, The Batclan (eventually they'd get back in decent graces with Bruce. Big theme would've been Jason redeeming himself/moving on).

I wouldve had them operate out of Hub City. At first, (since they'd be shying away from the Super hero gig) only Cass (and ryan choi i imagine) would be trying to do the hero thing, but they'd eventually become the city's protectors (hasn't been one since Vic Sage).

Since I was really inspired by Birds of Prey, they never would've (at least for awhile) gone by the Outsiders name (i wanted the group to be a very informal, non traditional superhero team).


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