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This is so sad, but I haven't given this one all that much thought.

We already have a team I really love... although I would love it *more* if say Selina was on this team and perhaps Jason and Cass hung out with Babs once in awhile.

As for other dream teams... Oh what could have been... Generation Lost was originally supposed to have Connor Hawke and Jason Todd on the team So to those two, I'd add Cass Cain, Jaime Reyes and maybe Grace Choi because she's been in limbo forever. Mia Dearden, Steph Brown, Roy Harper and Anissa Pierce can come and hang out at their clubhouse of awesome.

THE FUTURE ASSKICKERS TEAM: Damian Wayne, Lian Harper, Sin Queen Lance, and Jai and Iris West.

Date: 2010-09-14 08:23 pm (UTC)
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I came up with something similar in regards to the Outsiders. It was partly inspired by Criminal Minds and White Collar along with Dixon's BOP.

It's set in my own alt. universe

Vic Sage-Detective
Detective Chimp-Detective
Lady Black Hawk-Team Asskicker/Close range combatant
Green Arrow-Team Ass kicker/Long Range Combatant/ Snarker
Black Canary- Team Ass kicker/Newbie
Mr. Terrific-Tech Suppourt
The Ray- Transport/Spy/Reconnaissance

Team Mentors; Alan Scott, Ted Grant and Eve Eden.

Your idea is pretty great. I forgot to add a Magician and a Flying Brick to the team, oops.


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