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We know Dick likes Redheads. We know Donna Troy loves man children a la Judd Apatow films.

But look at Jade's previous lover to Kyle, and it seems like she's got it in for the sensitive dorky types!!

Come, gaze upon a villainness disguising herself as Obsidian's sister to seduce him!
Gaze upon the rivalry between Obsidian and Brainwave Jr.!
And gaze upon Jade having "regular" coloured skin and her adorable romance with Brainwave! SPARKLE AT THEIR TELEPATHIC LOVEY DOVEY COMMUNICATION.

I just thought I'd share some Jade love, since she's one of my fave gals :') And it is sad that she is just known as "Kyle's ex girlfriend" now. Seriously.

The Harlequinn tries to seduce Todd while being disguised as Jade! What does this mean? Well, uh ... you tell me.

Poor Todd, he had his run-ins with strange women before he came out.

But it turns out this trickster gal was on to something -- at least from the outside. Todd appeared to be a bit possessive of his twin sister.

Brainwave Jr. /Hank is probably the most powerful mentalist/telepath in the DCU. He was pretty dearly in love with Jenny Lynn Hayden, and they were each others first loves/sweethearts. Todd never approved.

As usual.


The interplay between all three of these guys was absolutely hilarious, as Todd was ready to cockblock at all times. He was the Bea to their Guy and Tora, really.

Remember Brainwave showing up as a VILLAIN in Kyle's GL run? Yes, well, not only did he wipe the floor with Kyle since telepathy is a GL's weakness, but it turns out Hank's telepathic powers drove him insane, and of course, his relationship with Jade ended because of these ch-ch-ch-changes. Alan Scott put him in a mental institution, but he got out! Now, his powers taking over him were relevant because it was why Jade was so uncomfortable with Kyle getting the Ion powers and why she worried so much.

AND LOOK THERE SHE IS WITH NORMAL NOT GREEN SKIN before DC decided to just pretend she always had green skin forever.

Their relationship was very adorable and all three of these guys had such fun banter. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and Infinity Inc became just as red-shirt ridden as the Titans have become.

Brainwave Jr. is now in South America helping kids who are suffering in a drug war :) and is like more lefty than Ollie, but is less sanctimonious about it. It's kind of cute.

Date: 2010-09-20 10:35 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] jlbarnett
I seem to recall something where she couldn't stop being green after she originally lost her powers.


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