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After doing a considerable amount of lurking, I finally found the necessary time to set up an account. I must say that the encouragement first came from icon_uk and when you`re feeling a bit lost about what to do next, every little helps! So thank you, icon!

A couple of words about me...I`m a gal from a corner of the world that doesn`t receive comics, but who was born with a deep love and respect for the medium. So praise to the maker for online shopping and worldwide delivery. And if that`s not enough, I also hope to write and illustrate some of my own ideas. Right now I`m only an aspiring artist (you can check some of my stuff over at, but I would like to turn it into something more.

So, that`s that about me. Now, onto something that caught my eye during my routine morning websurfing...

This is also followed by an 'interview' between JT Krul and the Teen Titans over at
The Source
It struck me as a bit cheesy, so I didn`t post it.

I`m quite nervous about this. I like the idea of Teen Titans, but the title hasn`t gotten lucky in a while. I`m guessing this should be the big revitalizing experience. Oh well, there`s Damian!


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