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To the earlier request by Benicio127, here are some pages to BATMAN #600, written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Scott McDaniel. It ended the BRUCE WAYNE: MURDERER? storyline and started the BRUCE WAYNE: FUGITIVE storyline. It also (maybe) marks the first time Batman says "There is no Bruce Wayne" out loud.

We've seen the set-up elsewhere.

It should be noted that Alfred isn't there because he quit during OFFICER DOWN.
"You are not a child and it is time you ceased acting like one. Which means it is time I stop abetting you." Alfred came back to Wayne Manor during BRUCE WAYNE: FUGITIVE. He knew Bruce wasn't guilty for one reason: "I knew his father."

There's a pretty involved Batman vs. Nightwing fight, which does show that a LOT of the Batcave is built up. Which is kind of a given, with all the cars, plane, boats, rockets, etc. kept in there.

As everyone "stares bug-eyed," (according to Shortpacked) Batman makes his escape.

A narrative box says: "They could never understand. Bruce Wayne was surrounded by pain, but he couldn't react to it."

BRUCE WAYNE: MURDERER would make a good animated movie adaptation, dropping some (but not all) of the more questionable Batdickery aspects. Batman deciding "I don't want to be Bruce Wayne anymore" makes for an interesting story point. An animated movie could really explore the "There is no Bruce Wayne" idea and show why it is true or not true.

You Know...

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This kinda reminds me of an episode of Boondocks that gave light to Uncle Rucus's backstory and to what he is.... namely the part where he is repeatly beaten by his "Dad" and has his mother holding him and cry dramatically.

Re: You Know...

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Ahh you a Boondocks fan too?


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