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Who's the most ass-kicking-est DC woman? 10/6 match-up

It's the distaff side of the enternal comic book question rivalry of Bat vs. Super. Remember this not about physical prowess, it's about attitude, smarts, i.e. the whole package.
Voting is open until 8pm EST and you can vote here.

In one corner a woman who currently has no book (or costume), but whose fierce fighting and big heart has her fans clamoring for her return to the pages of comics ...

Cassandra Cain!

And in the other corner a super powered woman from Krypton who works, like her cousin, for good. And occasionally brings in support from animals. The adorably feisty ...

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But she does things that are supposed to be impossible, like breaking through Kon's tactile TK shield due to her "sensing the weakness in the shield." His unbreakable TK shield, while he was concentrating.

Normally it didn't bother me, but stuff like that made me mad. And that time she purged herself of poison due to bad-assitude. Stuff like that.