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I don't have too many examples of BTAS Robin art in my collection, not because I don't like it, anything but, but because I have a heard time finding pages. So I'm delighted to have acquired this one!

Terry Burchett both drew and inked this terrific page from Batman and Robin Adventures #8, a comic set in the world of "Batman: The Animated Series", and here showcasing Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, who have caught our plucky acrobat turned superhero trying to stop them raiding the zoo to liberate Harley's "Babies", Mr J's pet hyena's Bud and Lou... Perhaps her should have waited for backup!.

I love Dick's expression after the kiss, somewhere between "Stupefied" and "Twitterpated", and the Harley/Ivy banter is top-notch (as one would expect from a Paul Dini and Ty Templeton script).

It's a great little story as Robin proves that all those crime fighting skills he learned from Batman can also be used for COMMITTING crimes when under Ivy's influence, and Harley's jealousy of Robin being Ivy's new favourite is adorable. I'm not sure if it's been posted here, but I'll think about that if no one else has.

Oh, and before anyone worries, there's no indication that Ivy used Robin for anything other than plotting crimes and the occasional sensual massage, so he may be under the effects of a sort of super-roofie, but she doesn't take sleazy advantage of him.

And fond as Ivy seems to be of Batman, she's certainly had her thorns into his Batboys a time or two, be it Dick

Or sometimes Tim!

Though that one didn't end too well!

And these little commissions are mine... (I have posted these before, but what the heck!)

Before (By Jeff Moy)

(Love his manfull resisting of her charms)

After! (By a terrific artist called Sanna U)

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