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Lois Lane won her match with Huntress yesterday and will move to the Elite Eight. Today we have two women who share being awesome and being portrayed on Smallville in common. You can vote here.

In this corner, a woman whose aim is true. A woman who got a second shot, took it, and has proven to be a winner. A woman who Ollie Queen fails to make quiver

Mia "Speedy" Dearden.

And in the other corner, a woman who follows the rules, as long as they’re hers. A woman who is a patriot and a power monger and God help you if you try to tell her the two are incompatible. A woman who when people tell others they’ve been called in to see her are told, “bring another pair of pants!”

Amanda "the Wall" Waller

Date: 2010-10-20 10:08 pm (UTC)
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Amanda Waller ftw!


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