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Given that this is the last issue of "Origin of the Species" and the end of the last real arc before "Brand New Day" ends (the next issue is a stand alone with different writers/artists and artists) and is replaced with "Big Time" (in which Dan Slott takes the helm for the forseeable future), I was surprised at how little 'finality' there was in wrapping everything up. I mean, for the most part, the issues before this had been building up to a big conclusion and here it kind of fizzles.

So anyway, the Brand New Lizard has kidnapped the Osborn baby, so Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus grudgingly team up to find it. Unfortunately, Doc Ock, being in close proximity of the Lizard, is taken over by the Lizard's "rape-o-vision", and spends most of the issue acting like the Lizard-people from "Shed", yelling about "monkey brains" and "meat".

I'm reminded of the big fight between the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus at the end of Mark Millar's run all the way back (remember), in which Doc Ock was brainwashed out of his mind and referring to himself in the third person. So this is the second time Doc Ock appeared at the end of a major run, poised to play a big role, only to end up addled out of his mind. Poor Ock, always getting the shaft.

Spider-Man threatens Lizard with the serum (the one that would presumably change him back to Connors?) to hand over the baby, to which Lizard complies, saying the baby's useless.

Surprisingly, Spidey never brings up the fact that the last time they met, Lizard ate his son.

Doc Ock is pissed and pretty much goes crazy.

So Spider-Man takes the baby away and leaves Doctor Octopus and the Lizard fighting each other, with Spider-Man hoping that the two will end up killing each other. And that's the last we see of them.

Back with Mary Jane, Carlie and Lily, MJ receives a text message about the baby being okay.

I'll say this: THANK. GOD. I am so, so happy that Norman didn't impregnate another blonde half his age.

So, end of this arc, what in the status quo changed since it began?

Doctor Octopus is still in his cancer/diaper/crippled state (that was the one thing I was hoping would change)

Lizard is still living in the sewers with his rape-o-vision

None of the villains who appeared wrapped up their "Gauntlet" arcs, except for maybe Rhino came to some sort of truce with Spidey

Lily is back to being AWOL

I bring these up because I was honestly under the impression that all these would be resolved. I was expecting a trainwreck, sure, but one that wrapped up the core storyline that BND began.

The only thing that happened of importance was Lily gives birth and the baby is Harry's, not Norman. 

Oh, and what do you want to bet, next issue Peter will finally realize Carlie's the one for him?

Date: 2010-10-28 05:22 pm (UTC)
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No, no, that totally happened. With the help of his new BFFs Ben and Kaine.

...the crazy things that happen in my head are totally canon, you can't convince me otherwise.


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