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Some Bart and Kon from Teen Titans #88

Hmph, photographic memory in fiction is only as permanent as the plot demands...odds are that all the stuff he's written down is going to play a part in Flashpoint...

...nonetheless, that ability would be really convenient for me right about now.

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Must be awkward for Cassie having her girlfriend enemy flirt with her boyfriend (for now?) like that. :] But it's Rose I guess.

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Rose will show her true colors soon and be flirting with Cassie again in no time.
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Cassie definitely sounded like she was in love when she was talking about Rose. Inviting her back on the team and raving about how good of a fighter she was and saying all that "She was built for this" stuff. That did not sound like someone talking about someone they hated. I'm just saying.

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I think Krul has Cassie and Rose down very well: They never hated each other and don't hate one another at all -- in fact, it's rather the opposite: They fixate on the strength of the other and simultaneously yearn for it while also try to dismiss it as "not their thing." There is also the envy factor. Cassie, as a warrior, has to hold back often as a leader. She admires how Rose lives on the battlefield, lets loose, and seemingly has no regrets. But she would never be like that, herself. Rose, on the other hand, wants what Cassie has deep down: Respect, friendship and love. But would never allow herself to really admit that.

It's obvious they are going to have the shippiest moments in this series 8| and man, I cannot WAIT for Rose and Damian to team up.
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Yes, I think they're two characters that get screwed up so often it makes me happy when a writer comes along and actually gets them so that makes me excited. And I can already tell they're going to have the most shippiest moments xD It makes me a happy Cassie/Rose fangirl :]

And Rose and Damian has been what I've been excited for since I heard he was going to be on the team! I can't wait.

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It makes me a happy Cassie/Rose fangirl, too ♥
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Now I'M starting to get sold on this ship. And I sooooo wanted Bart for Rose. Or Roy, in a dirtybadwrong way.