Date: 2010-10-28 08:19 pm (UTC)
cuntfucius: (Gar <3)
From: [personal profile] cuntfucius
I think he is an insert. Which is sad, because I do think there is a resistance to Normal Joe characters who aren't ... well, portrayed as super good looking and charming and funny and all of that, and how "deserving" they are, especially of our Wonder ladies (the reaction to every love interest that Diana has had, misogynistic problematic writing aside...).

I don't think anyone identified with him, but I also think that adolescence has extended socially and has changed in construction -- there has been much more coverage in the media, for example, on illicit student/teacher affairs, on molestation, on all of that. This can lead to more awareness, but also paranoia and false character conflation and attributes. But I think that is why he was looked at differently at the time, which isn't even to say he was loved at the time. Many people accepted their relationship as a refreshingly healthy and happy one, but there was still quite a bit resistance to him, and it got worse and worse after he was shown more and more. His insecurities were showcased, how he took them out on Donna was showcased, and the sad thing is Donna wasn't shown to really assert herself often around him when he was doing any of this stuff.
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