Date: 2010-10-29 10:22 pm (UTC)
liara_shadowsong: (Default)
Honestly, I'm not all that fond of Terry Long. He's always come across to me as boring, and as an author insert, and nobody's ever really done a good job of making me like him (there may be some issues out there that could change my mind, but if there are I've certainly never seen them). The hideous beard that stuck around long after it went out of style is only the icing on the cake.

I am fine with superhero characters dating and marrying civilians (hey, I ship Clark and Lois), and I am fine with a modest age gap as long as the younger partner is also an adult (someone who is thirteen, fourteen, fifteen dating someone ten years older can be creepy, but I don't mind if they are over eighteen and preferably into their twenties).

I feel like... I could totally ship Donna and Terry if only someone would come along and write about Terry in a way that makes me like him more as a character. They can start by doing something about that beard. Would it really be too much to ask for to have the facial hair pared down to just a classilly-trimmed moustache or something like that?
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