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A Bad Romance

I'm tired of everyone picking on my hunk of a man, Terry Long. If he shaved his beard, you guys would be all over him. In fact, I am going to do a series one day of photoshopping his beard out of the equation, and see how the reception of his scenes change. Is it because he doesn't have a stylish villain goatee instead? Or Ollie's sexy beard?

A happier time for Donna Troy! I'll showcase all of her loves: The First Love (Roy Harper), The Love of Her Life (Terry Long), and The Second Chance at Love (Kyle Rayner). But right now, only Terry Long, because he is way sexier than Roy and Kyle.

Marriage looked good on Donna. No, really! I mean, retiring her on a farm with a bad haircut and giving her a creepy baby plot didn't look good on her, but marriage did! Or maybe it was that red suit.

YOU WISH YOU HAD A LOVE LIKE THEIRS. Oh yeah, look at that. He's all ... charming and nearly 30 and making bad jokes. This is his second wedding, and he's very excited and confident about it! How can you beat a man who loves commitment that much? He's not jaded from his past divorce, which only took place like, under two years ago at this point. Terry is a man not afraid of the altar!

Terry Long was understandably popular with the ladies. All students on campus loved him, but the girls did in particular. And why wouldn't they?

Donna don't play that shit, though.

"DROOOOOOL." Could a sexier, smoother thing be said in such a moment? I think not. Just look at his boyish charm! Watch out, world, Terry Long's coming for your heart. He compliments Donna by telling her she looks like her Mother right before they bang on the plane. I'd be fanning myself at this point. Now, it could be said that Terry idealized Donna a bit since he was so obsessed with Greek mythology and Donna was tied to it, but ... that's okay, he paid for that later with the whole Greek Tragedy bit.

"To peace, wisdom, and unity." Donna, this is not a beauty pageant.

But look at how comforting Terry is! What a MAN.

And I mean it. Comforting. He does the right thing and doesn't make it about him when Donna has something traumatizing happen to her.

Here is Donna, looking like a delicious 80s watermelon. In the first panel, she seems to be checking out Terry's chiseled physique. And who wouldn't!?

But look at that, he doesn't press the issue!

Call it creepy all you want, the way Terry Long tries to flirt with both Koriand'r AND Dick Grayson at every turn. He's just a free-lovin' man! In the end, he knows his heart is with Donna. And look: He knows she's boss, and doesn't feel emasculated at all! Meanwhile, Dick talks about Kory's culture and their "savage" ways. Oh Dick! Stop changing the subject when Terry winks at you as he massages his wife's shoulders, it's obvious you want some of the Long.

Do you guys remember Jennifer Long?

... Yeah, neither does Donna.

So there was a time when Terry got fired from his job for not doing his homework like a good boy, and he blamed Donna over it and ran off for three days to brood. Dick move, right? Well, he came back! And we are given this sweet scene.

He is a THOUGHTFUL and considerate man! Sure, he might act self-indulged once in a while, but in the end he's always going to admit when he's wrong.

Prone to dramatic posing when he feels inadequate about being a civilian and dating a super heroine. With all of the pressures on masculinity, and the expectations of a man to provide for his woman -- and with Donna leading a life he's barely involved in, I could see why he would ... uh, pose dramatically and get upset. I would too.

They don't care about a ten year age difference. PFFFT and why should they? A LOVE LIKE THEIRS CANNOT BE DEFEATED. Unless it is by Starfire. But still.

Look at those two love birds! Fandom, stop throwing paper airplanes. BE MATURE. Like the beautiful love between Terry and Donna.

And ... yet again, Donna goes off with her friends, spending a majority of her time with them, while Terry is left to kind of sulk and overthink his unemployment, inadequacy, and loserdom. But that can't tear them apart!!!

And a relationship with Donna Troy is like a walk in the park! No obstacles will ever come in your way.



Okay, about that...

Wait, surely this is a misunderstanding!!

... :(

ADMIT IT, SCANS_DAILY. YOU ARE GUILTY OF THE CARDINAL SIN... OF NOT LOVING THIS MAN. But seriously, don't tell me you wouldn't date him.
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Oh God, the cheese factor... SO MUCH CHEESE.

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These two xD They were perfect for each other because they're like the two lamest people on earth. Those guys, they make me laugh I'll admit that.
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I can't think of anyone who WOULD date him. Terry Long has always felt like an awkward insert to me, and nothing about showing scenes where he's 'wooing' Donna by being lame helps.

- He's a ginger. No soul. Maybe Raven could help with that, but...
- Brillo hair AND pedo facehair? Move over, Bond.
- He's divorced. You see a man unafraid of the altar. I see a man who already *failed* once and who is only willing to go at it again because he's landed a superheroine half his age. Who'd say no?
- His charisma feels very, very forced. What kind of girl would go from Roy Harper to this guy? Those aren't remotely compatible scales of taste in guys. And college girls swooning over a history professor, especially one who looks as dorky as him? Sure. Happens all the time.

Terry Long feels, to me, similar to the 40-something divorced Canadians who come here (Asia) to 'work' and then do nothing but bitch about how ineffectual they are at their jobs (because they're not really qualified) and hit on Asian high school and college girls. Eventually they hope to find one with daddy issues and marry her on back to Toronto where she'll be miserable and he'll be high-fiving his burnout buddies.

Not cool. Not cool, Terry Long.

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Tintin has ginger hair. You sayin' Tintin has no soul? Them's fightin' words! Put up yer dukes!

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The look didn't bother me so much -- Robert Reed when the Brady Bunch guys all got perms? Fun to laugh at. I just don't think a normal guy would be good enough for our phenomenally cosmic-powered titan, then throw in the age difference. Only through s_d did I find out that a writer was vicariously mackin' on a superheroine, which made the icky meter jump into the red zone. Droool.

The really weird thing? Donna drinking from a red can that's not a Soder or a Zesti. Can't figure it out, they must have totally made up a new one just for that issue.

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Maybe you just had to be there at the time but the whole Terry Long thing seems like a terrible author/editor/ company executive insert (that's the only way I can explain it).

He's rather charmless, divorced, dating his students/former students, dating women MUCH younger than he is, whines a lot, has a red afro and facial hair (was he modeled after Bob Ross of painting fame?). And they hook him up (to the point of marrying and having a child with) Wonder Woman's sister? What teen readers of "Teen Titans" (which I presume was the actual target readership in the 80s) actually identified with him?
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I have never really minded Terry Long. I think all his problems would be solved if he went around wearing a toga.

That kind of hairbeard suits a toga.
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I too always liked Terry Long. Yes, he looked like he should be telling Horshack and Barbarino to settle down and pay attention in class, but I liked his personality and felt that his relationship with Donna was the most mature and stable romantic pairing in comics of the day. I also thought it said good things about Donna that she was looking for someone like that to share her life rather than endlessly being overcome by the excitement and drama of crimefighting and hooking up with a long line of other super-heroes, as seems to happen all too often.

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bawwwwwwwwwwwwwww D: The sad face is for the fact that I know anything as sweet as this would have been effed up by now.

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Never cared for Terry Long. Didn't hate him. Didn't like him either. Just..didn't care.
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Terry Long's problem is that his look has only worked for one man in the history of machismo:

Nobody stands a chance when their competition is Tom Jones. Nobody.

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It's just the clown hair that made me never warm up to Terry. A decent haircut and some manscaping on that beard would have gone a long way.
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The haircut "problem" is more that it never changed than anything else. He first appeared in New Teen Titans #8, which had a cover date of June of 1981, so his character was created sometime in 1980 and having that kind of hairstyle wasn't exactly out of place then. As the decade went on it started to get a bit odd. It's also been suggested his appearance was based on comic vet Len Wein.

As for the age difference complaints as I've said before other than Beast Boy the Titans didn't particularly come across as teens to me anyways, so it doesn't seem that much of a problem. Donna and Dick certainly were involved in professions in their civilian identities where most people would have problems taking a 19 year old seriously in.

Honestly a lot of the "oh that creepy Terry Long" talk comes across as being as much the result of people repeating the idea over and over again until everyone became convinced of it as what was actually done with the character.
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I'm sure he has a lovely personality, dear. But for heaven's sake, can you please get him a makeover? Even Dickie stopped wearing that awful disco collar, and you know he grew up in a circus and might have some questionable dress sense there. Your father would like him a lot more if you'd make the boy get a a haircut and maybe do something about that beard. Just because he's a professor of Greek mythology or whatever doesn't mean he has to try to look like a Greek statue. And if it did, then maybe he should work out a little. I'm sure Dickie could give him some pointers. But I'm okay with him being scrawny as long as he gets a haircut and maybe updates his wardrobe a little.
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Seriously, who could justify hating him on the basis of being dorky and having bad hair? He's ok.

[identity profile] 2010-10-29 01:34 pm (UTC)(link)
It's that one panel where he's hanging around Titan's Tower in his underwear. And hanging out with teens in general. Maybe if we saw him interact with some of the older superheros once in a while. Or if someone in the comic was allowed to be weirded out by him being there, then the readers who didn't like him would have someone to identify with and would fell better.
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but it wouldn't make any sense for him to interact with older superheroes, he is ... well, Donna's fiance. That's it. It's normal that he interacts only with Donna's friends because of her, he doesn't belong to that world.

Have you ever dated someone younger than you that is in a.. say, volleyball team? you might happen to hang out with the pals of your partner, but you won't hang around with older volleyball players just because.

I disagree also with what you said about character voicing discomfort for people outside the story, I hate when writers do that and it's not refreshing for me, I find it annoying actually, moreover none should have a problem with Terry being there once in a while unless they want to be shitty friends to Donna. =(
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That is the most terrible beard.

...Like, you know Aquaman's beard in Brave and the Bold? This is the evil twin of that beard.
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Just looking at those scans, I can't help but get annoyed that Donna seemed to praise his wonderfulness in just about every opportunity. While they painted him as a decent guy who is a little out of his depth, I didn't see anything that warranted Donna's praise.
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[personal profile] liara_shadowsong 2010-10-29 10:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Honestly, I'm not all that fond of Terry Long. He's always come across to me as boring, and as an author insert, and nobody's ever really done a good job of making me like him (there may be some issues out there that could change my mind, but if there are I've certainly never seen them). The hideous beard that stuck around long after it went out of style is only the icing on the cake.

I am fine with superhero characters dating and marrying civilians (hey, I ship Clark and Lois), and I am fine with a modest age gap as long as the younger partner is also an adult (someone who is thirteen, fourteen, fifteen dating someone ten years older can be creepy, but I don't mind if they are over eighteen and preferably into their twenties).

I feel like... I could totally ship Donna and Terry if only someone would come along and write about Terry in a way that makes me like him more as a character. They can start by doing something about that beard. Would it really be too much to ask for to have the facial hair pared down to just a classilly-trimmed moustache or something like that?
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I'm stuck on that student of Terry's who's damp in the panties for him because she doesn't know that he's dating a superheroine who could stuff her in a mailbox with one hand. She's wearing a blouse with little frills at the throat and wrists with a purple plaid miniskirt. Who the hell ever dressed like that in the history of the world? Did Perez just roll some dice to come up with random outfits for minor characters?
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Alas, all of the images now seem to be gone, which makes io9's link to this post rather pointless...!