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Gabby's Playhouse: Discussing Sexism on the Internet

So, recently Kate Beaton made some comments on Twitter about how sometimes guys that like her work will respond with comments she finds creepy/uncomfortable/offensive.

Gabby's Playhouse then did a webcomic entitled "How Every Single Discussion About Sexism and Woman-Type Stuff on the Internet (and real life) Has Ever Happened And Ever Will Happen, Always, Forever, Until the Earth Finally Falls Into The Sun. (Or until the patriarchy is finally dismantled.)"

Comic by

I don't quite get that last panel, but the rest of it is kinda recognizable.

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[personal profile] retro_nouveau 2010-10-29 07:32 pm (UTC)(link)
All true. This planet is doomed to forming two lines, XX on one side and XY on the other. :(

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus ... and it ain't any easier over here on Saturn, let me tell ya.
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What about on Krypton? [/completely missing the point]
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Literally out loud! XD
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^___^ Yay! Also, your icon is fantastic.
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First you break the freefall of my mood, then icon recognition?!? Thanks x 2! :)
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[personal profile] liara_shadowsong 2010-10-29 09:00 pm (UTC)(link)
You are very, very welcome. I know there are plenty of times I've been cheered up by something on this community, and I am glad to be able to return the favor.
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Sweet icon you have there.
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*grin* Thanks. Not sure if you know the character/series, but if not, well, Allen from D.Gray-Man can be very ruthless when it comes to gambling on poker. Plus he cheats. A lot. Even though he's one of the good guys. Long story. And my icon filing system says that the icon was made available by... Lavi49 of Livejournal. (On the other hand, the default one on this comment is something that I drew myself... hence the sorta-okay-ish art with no animation.)
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halialkers: Man with wing-like clothes on plane-thing caption "I reject your reality and substitute my own," (I reject yours for mine is better)

[personal profile] halialkers 2010-10-30 11:38 am (UTC)(link)
The genders aren't *that* different. All humans are mangy bipedal chimps of the savanna, whether man or woman. Genetic differences are rather small and culturally, well, men and women have everything from polyandry to polygyny as means of organizing societies in terms of sex. The "men are from Mars women are from Venus" idea oversimplifies things a fair deal.
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Mars/Venus is not about how people differ by gender, it's the way four thousand years of civilization have made it so that many men communicate in a way that is very different from the way many women communicate. There are still some other people that don't fit the group by gender, and even then there is the occasional weird person like me who goes off in a completely random direction. But I think it's a very real phenomenon that affects us all, and I'm afraid that I agree with Gabby that it is "real life", and "ever will happen, always, forever".
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[personal profile] valtyr 2010-10-31 02:00 pm (UTC)(link)
You should read The Myth of Mars and Venus. It explodes a lot of myths of that kind.
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From the preface I read on, I'm very dubious that there is any value here. My takeaway was, pooh, pooh, it's much more complicated, and men and women do not communicate differently. I will agree that it's very much more complicated than a formula XX is not equal to XY, but there is something going on that we need to understand, or there's no chance at all that Gabby is wrong. But I will read it anyway, psychology is one of my interests.
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[personal profile] valtyr 2010-10-31 06:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, yes, I would be more interested to hear your assessment of its value after you've read the evidence it presents.

Confirmation bias is also a very real phenomenon that affects us all.