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Gabby's Playhouse: Discussing Sexism on the Internet

So, recently Kate Beaton made some comments on Twitter about how sometimes guys that like her work will respond with comments she finds creepy/uncomfortable/offensive.

Gabby's Playhouse then did a webcomic entitled "How Every Single Discussion About Sexism and Woman-Type Stuff on the Internet (and real life) Has Ever Happened And Ever Will Happen, Always, Forever, Until the Earth Finally Falls Into The Sun. (Or until the patriarchy is finally dismantled.)"

Comic by

I don't quite get that last panel, but the rest of it is kinda recognizable.

[personal profile] cuntfucius 2010-10-29 08:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Okay, so here we go.

Kate Beaton has WEBCOMICS.
Kate Beaton has an LJ.
Kate Beaton has had fans, many or most of them male from her personal experience, say something to her that she feels is demeaning to her work, not how she wants to be seen or represented, and is just plain offended by it.
In said quote, Kate Beaton says "DEAR INTERNET", not just "DEAR MEN."
However, MEN all over the internet flip their shit, from her fanboys on various chans to angry rebuttals reblogged and retweeted.

As a lesbosaurus, I will say that it bothers me when girls, particularly straight girls, say things like "Get in my pants now" and "I want to have your babies" when I say something they agree with. Mostly because I am like "dude no way, you'd freak out and get homopanic most likely if I hit on you directly, and P.S. why do you think that's the only kind of validation I want from you? Because I like girls?" Kate, as a heterosexual (ID'd? I'm pretty sure) woman, must face this with men.

Is it any less creepy when fangirls repeat memetic ideas and behavior about RL movie stars or whatever when their response to someone saying something intelligent (which is different than, let's say, displaying yourself for your looks like in modeling or w/e, and even then we can get into nuances about talent and art), with "GET INSIDE ME NOW" and whatnot. But they do not have the similar consistent communication with the object of their affection as Kate Beaton's fans have with her. Men who have this kind of interaction with their fans also might feel creeped out like Kate does by some comments, or just plain annoyed.

Similarly, this comic shows that the systemic response of repeated ideas and parking lot mentality is an IMBALANCED structure in the sexes. It does not mean that it does not exist in the reverse.

Easy squeazy lemon peezy, right?
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[personal profile] cuntfucius 2010-10-29 08:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Seriously. I'm sure plenty of guys in bands are fucking freaked and rightfully creeped out when girls are calling for the deaths of their girlfriends on forums, but I think those who frequent the internet often think it's a given that others are as involved in various networking as they are. Many people aren't, and many people are not as exposed to this as frequently as Kate Beaton has been.
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[personal profile] kingrockwell 2010-10-29 08:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Now calling for the girlfriend's deaths is certainly pretty creepy, but all the people trying to make this about fangirls are absolutely ridiculous. Some days I despair the comm.
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Agreed. It's trying for a moral equivalency between two vastly different situations.

[personal profile] cuntfucius 2010-10-29 09:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Yep, people are being obtuse and not seeing that this comic is not about the base of the statement by Beaton, which was from her OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE ANYWAY AND YOU CAN'T INVALIDATE IT, but it was based on the RESPONSE on the internet, which was disproportionately MEN shutting down WOMEN'S voices on sexism and validating each other over it. It's about the structure of the narrative.
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[personal profile] sallymustard 2010-10-29 09:31 pm (UTC)(link)
I feel that way a lot of the time, too, in many venues. I just keep telling myself "SOMEONE must be listening. Please, someone must be LISTENING."
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I'm kind of fascinated by the way your username is so apt for this comment

Vaginas, social philosophy. Simple! Brilliant!

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Hahah, why thank you! :D

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Rare species that only comes out at night. People think they originated in Albanian forests. Only prey on women for some reason, but reports say an occasional man has been victim.
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Only prey on women for some reason,

Ah, a her-ivore

[personal profile] cuntfucius 2010-10-29 09:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, gee, if you want to use only scientific big fancy words, sure.
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but reports say an occasional man has been victim.

I claim 'Shuss over here with me somewhere along the omni-vore spectrum!

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Presumably by the legendark Bi-trosaurus.
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I have nothing to add, but this comment is perfect. Thank you.
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...As a lesbosaurus, I will say that it bothers me when girls, particularly straight girls, say things like "Get in my pants now" and "I want to have your babies" when I say something they agree with...

Uh, yikes.

Does that happen a lot, even here?