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Total Chaos Part 7 and 8! (Deathstroke the Terminator #17 and New Titans #92)

16 pages. 8 from each issue which were both 24 page stories.

Spinning off directly from Total Chaos Part 4 (Deathstroke #16) Slade was apparently surrounded by media people and police hoping to arrest him all while he was apparently dying his healing factor essentially nonexistent at this point.


And to remind us this was supposed to be part of the overarching Total Chaos story, but essentially wasn''s Battalion!

All the while Slade's making his run from the police they've also tried targeting Witergreen hoping to get any info he'd know. He tries to make a run for it.

But he gets captured...

Slade arrives on Titans Island...for some reason all while trying to avoid the police.

That's Lord Chaos' pyramid which in his time was his home base so he made one in the past as well while preparing to make sure his future comes to pas correctly or even ahead of schedule.

And so Slade died. Not that it lasated. I think he was revived the next issue or so sice the very last page apparently shows Titan Villain Mammoth, generally known for his work with the Brotherhood of Evil working for someone who's hoping to cpature Salde now that he's died. This issue took place essentially concurrently with the next story (posted down).

Now we get back to the main story of Total Chaos. Last we left it Donna as the goddess Troia returned to where both the New Titans, Team Titans and Lord Chaos were all together. Chaos of course ensues.

(Yeah, I should probably post the individual Team Tians stories one of these days)

During the battle Killowat accidentally ignites the house but Troia showing the powers given to her by Oceanus and Tethys summons a stream of water to put it out.

And that's some bad coloring on Carrie there if nothing else they make it look like she has feathers stuck on covering her chest...her shirt actually coves it with red on top of that and her back isn't usually bare.

Donna then decides to book after her son but...

But Nightwing scolds her...well he is courageous if nothing else.

Chaos and the baby are then together again while Chaos continues to question if this indeed his world's past.

Chaos decides this in't his world's past but some alternate unrelated to his, so he'll do whatever he wants.

The Team reunites to chase after Chaos but as usual Troia does her own thing.

Completely incidental Aqualad appearance!

In the Team Titans future those who worked for Chaos fixed the time machine finally and we get this...



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It's so sad Donna was so hard up for cash she had to advertise NBC on her golden head thingy.