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I think we all knew this day would come...

It's not giving too much of the plot away for the next Brave and the Bold, The Criss Cross Crisis, when I mention that it involves someone else inhabiting Batman's body... Okay, it's stereotyped and doesn't do many favours for the cause of female crime-fighters, but it makes for such an awesome scene I'm afraid I have to overlook such things. If that makes me a bad person I don't care, because it means just once, I got to hear Batman call Nightwing "Darling", out loud, ON TELEVISION!!!! (And I don't even ship them as a pair)

For legality, the cover which included the debut of the original Batwoman

It's a good thing Barbara was always treated with due respect, even in her early days...

Ummm, er well, maybe not...

And in looking for THOSE images, I came across this one, which is all KINDS of disturbing...

But so we don't end on a creeped out note (Not that I'm averse to doing that to you folks, but this is a Brave and the Bold post, a rather nice Batwomen sketchcard from Andy Price.

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