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Red Hood: Lost Days #6 (Spoilers!!!)

AKA the final issue of this mini-series and the issue where I was like omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg

[personal profile] cuntfucius, [personal profile] levy and [personal profile] whitesycamore will be giddy about this.

Four pages.

Whoa! WHOA! WHOA!! Hotter than I expected. Ahem! He wakes up and she's gone. She leaves him with a note and another very important gift, which I was so, so, so glad to see in this.

Oh hey, look! Jason uses gmail. Mary Borsellino will be pleased to know about the dagger in this.
Here's her entry from on Jason's dagger. Quoting from the entry:
Red Hood’s weapon of choice is a dagger with a waved blade. This edge design has been popular in numerous cultures throughout history, with a variety of connotations attached to the distinctive shape.

In simple, practical terms, a waved blade allows for a longer overall edge distance than would be present in a straight dagger of the same length. Waved blades in longer weapons, such as Flamberge swords, have the added advantage of causing the other weapon in a duel to vibrate, thereby making one’s opponent uncomfortable. This would not be true to any noticeable degree in a weapon such as Red Hood’s knife, however.

The origin of Red Hood’s knife within the Batman comics themselves is most likely the story “The Lazarus Pit!” from issue #243 in 1972. One of the original Ra’s Al Ghul stories by the O’Neil/Adams/Giordano team, this issue saw Batman forced to duel against a man who owed debts to both Ra’s and Batman. Both opponents weilded waved daggers.

As Judd Winick, the writer responsible for the entire Red Hood arc, utilised the Al Ghul family as a significant plot element, it seems likely that this classic storyline was one of the key inspirations behind Red Hood’s dagger.

Just as with the history of waved daggers in the real world, however, the element of pure aesthetic interest must be taken into account. Placing a waved dagger in a panel is more visually interesting and suggests a greater degree of ritual — whether the reader is aware of the legacy of the Keris blade or not — than a simple knife can.

Whatever the reasons may be, Red Hood’s dagger has developed iconography of its own, and now casts a shadow of specific meaning forward over any future appearances of such weapons in future Batman stories.

I'm so sad to see this mini-series end.
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:/ does this mean my Mia can't make fun of Jason for having like no experience with the ladies? Now I'm sad.

And this book did well right? Soooo does that mean it's time to give Jason an ongoing? y/y?
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IDK. I mean, it's totally not going to happen seeing how he's slated as Dick's new ~arch-nemesis~ but even then. RH:LD started out as selling about the same amount as Batman Beyond (around spot 55) but dropped twenty spots whereas BB stayed about the same. Maybe that's why BB was the one to get the ongoing?
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Hn. I just really don't like that arch-nemisis thing I mean especially to Dick. I get he doesn't like the guy but come on. I don't know I just don't like hearing what I'm hearing about what they have planned for Jason. I get he'll probably be in you know more books because of Dick, and that's awesome. But it sounds like it'll be Ginger Punisher Jason and not real Jason.
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I guess I enjoyed Ginger Punisher Jason? I mean, I wish Morrison didn't go down the "ginger and balding" lane, not even much because of the hotness (well, partly) but because (oh, you know this) it didn't make sense. But in some weird way I felt like Ginger Punisher Jason was a nicer and sweeter Jason. Maybe because he tried to help Scarlet. (I'm probably the only one thinking this, LOL.)
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That is true I mean I really liked Scarlet, and him and Scarlet were cute, it just seemed like a dramatic change. I don't know he seems to change personalities quite a lot. I did like the whole truely being an anti-hero thing. But the whole him being so public and all that, I don't know it didn't seem very much like him to me. So I guess I liked parts of it but others I just didn't get I suppose...
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Was Dick still taking the position of "you need help, let me help you?" with that Damian? Or was that just BftC. I forget.
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Do you mean Jason? Yeah, Dick was still reaching out to him a bit.

I also have some affection for ginger Jason, but he is not the one I know and love. I hate the change mainly because of the hotness - but for not entirely shallow reasons. I just feel that Jason is a character defined by loss. He started out with a happy go lucky attitude, then he lost it. He had a good relationship with Bruce - he lost that. He lost his life. He lost his reputation as a good soldier when he came back to life. He lost his sanity in Bftc. For god's sake let the man keep his sexual appeal at the very least.
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Oops-yes, totally meant Jason.

Yeah, not so into the ginger Jason myself.

Though both those stories make this unintentionally comic to me because...did Talia actually think he would be successful? When I thought of it as Jason just acting on his own it made sense, but their plan to punish Bruce by taking Gotham from him is so beyond their reach. Even with Bruce dead Jason's not able to do that. It's sort of sending him into a gunfight with a plastic knife.

Jason punishes Bruce by being screwed up and so making Bruce feel like that's his fault, but he's never really afraid of Jason taking things from him.

Btw, this all makes me wonder about Jason shooting Damian. Like, did he just assume he'd get better so Talia wouldn't mind?
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I'm thinking Morrison didn't know/chose to ignore that Jason and Talia had a prior relationship - just like he chose to ignore nearly everything about their characters.
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Heh, late response but I also felt that way about him too. I didn't get the big deal about what was so wrong with him, when that whole time I saw how caring and nice he was towards his partner and he was still the same to me. Nice to know someone thinks the same way. :)
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I do agree! I'd rather have a Jason ongoing than a BB ongoing written by Beechen (I'd still rather have a good BB ongoing. I can't help it, BB was one of my favourite cartoons and Terry was totally one of my fictional crushes back before puberty!) But I think the BB ongoing was announced before everyone threw their hands up in disgust at the whole Dick!Hush revelation.