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The difference between a prince and a CEO

Just in time for Halloween if not for the fact that it's three days after, here's a little under four pages from Dracula: The Company of Monsters #3. Writing by Kurt Busiek and Gregory Daryl, art by Damian Couceiro.

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This can't end well

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As much as I wouldn't side with Dracula on a principle, he does have a point on how an executive is a little worse to his own employees and people than a prince would be.

Granted, can anyone tell me if in this universe, was Dracula a war-like, bloodthirsty, tyrant or pretty much in this story, he's brutal, but fair? Or is he just evil through and through and just lying in an effort to do whatever it takes to break free?
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Re: This can't end well

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Vlad Tepes is still revered as a genuine folkhero in Romanian history. Yes, he was ruthless as hell, and vicious to his enemies, but he also a great leader who ruled well, and apparently did well by his peasants.
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Re: This can't end well

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Both. But he was beloved by the Common folk, because most of his ruthless sociopathic slaughter was reserved for the corrupt and indulgent upper class. He basically killed everyone he felt was inefficient and replaced them with Boyars drawn from the common class.

Tepes was one of those folk that sold the sex appeal of the Benevolent Tyrant, similar to Doom. You have no rights, no garuntee's, and your overlord is a sociopath who will brutally murder you if you cross or displease him. However, if your a good, quiet, and productive member of society you will be greatly rewarded.