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Trickster's Brigade

Four pages from Jack of Fables #48, featuring the return of the greatest trickster that ever was.

Raven gets a visit in his dreams:

Jack Horner has been having dire visions:

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[personal profile] selke 2010-11-04 08:45 pm (UTC)(link)
The first panel made me giggle to an insane level. Why am I not reading this book?!

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Because Jack Horner is an unlikeable jerk who was only vaguely tolerable in the Fables main line because he got his comeuppance?
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Christine grew up to be an RV?
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"I'm just a humbler fry cook."

Oh, if ONLY I had an appropriate Spongebob icon right about now!
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My takeaway from all this is a panel of a naked guy in bed staring at his crotch saying "he's got it."
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So these guys are gonna make Donna Noble turn left and nearly destroy the multiverse?